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Top 15 Banks Without ChexSystems

Best Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

It’s hard to live without a bank account. Banks that do not use ChexSystems offer viable bank account solutions for people with ChexSystems records.

Being blacklisted by ChexSystems can be devastating.

Many banks offer bank accounts on other occasions but often charge a monthly service fee. The monthly bank fee for checking accounts is usually up to 15!

Check out our latest list of No-Chexsystems banks and credit unions to open an online bank account today.

Banks that do not use ChexSystems:

There is a real cost involved in making daily financial transactions without a checking account. Rebuild your banking history with a reputable bank that doesn’t use ChexSystems to authenticate new customers.

1. TD Ameritrade

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TD Ameritrade does not use ChexSystems for screening applicants, although account opening is subject to a soft credit bridge. But since this is a brokerage, you must open a brokerage account before you can apply for a cash management checking account. Yes, you may be able to open an online account at TD Ameritrade without a minimum deposit and bad credit.

Here are some of the benefits of this account:

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: None.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: interest on deposits, free ATM withdrawal, unlimited check writing, the debit card issued by TD Bank

2. Axiom Bank

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Everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why Axiom lists banks that don’t do credit checks. The financial institution offers Second Chance Banking and may ignore your report to provide you with a checking account. Headquartered in Central Florida, this community bank offers its Opportunity Checking Account to those who have made past financial mistakes.

The account has the following features:

  • Monthly fee: .9 12.95
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: Free mobile banking and mobile deposit

3. Wood Forest National Bank

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Top 15 Banks Without Chexsystems 19

Woodforest National Bank, a regional financial institution, offers its second chance checking account to customers with a history of banking problems.

The details are:

  • Monthly fee: $ 9.95 with direct deposit, $ 11.95 otherwise; $ 3 for paper statements (or choose e-statements for free)
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: $ 9 setup fee is required.

4. United Bank

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ChexSystems’ bad report is not a problem with United Bank, but the company has limited locations in Alabama and Florida. United Bank offers a number of products for customers with or without low credit, including personal loans, a secure Visa credit card, and a gateway checking account. However, you have to keep an eye on all the different types of fees. Here are the details about the checking account:

  • Monthly maintenance fee: $ 10
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: Online bill payment is available for a monthly fee of $4.95.

5. Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union

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Texas-based Southwest Financial Federal Credit Union offers a checkless checking account, which can be an option if you have difficulty qualifying for a bank account. The account includes the following:

  • Monthly Service Fee: None.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: Includes online and mobile banking. Overdraft protection is available with the associated savings account.

6. Green dot

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Top 15 Banks Without Chexsystems 20

If you are looking for an alternative to a bad credit checking account, Green Dot is an option. GreenDot’s reloadable, prepaid debit card does not use ChexSystems and does not require a credit check.

Prepaid debit card details include:

  • Monthly Fee: 9 7.95, unless you load  $1,000 or more on the card during the last monthly period.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: $ 3 ATM withdrawal fee 9 5.95 cash reload fee per transaction

7. Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo offers its Clear Access Banking account to customers who want simplicity in their bank account and are looking for a second chance bank account. Especially ready for people who have difficulty opening other bank accounts due to negative banking history or credit report. No checks are available with this account, but you can use the Wells Fargo Mobile app, digital payments as well as a contactless debit card. Other features include:

  • Monthly service fee: $ 5 Forgiveness is available for people between the ages of 13 and 24.
  • Minimum opening deposit: $ 25
  • Minimum balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: No insufficient funds or overdraft fees; Student and adolescent banking is available.

8. Capital One

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If you’re worried about what Capital One will reveal after running the ChexSystems report, you’ll be glad to know that the bank will instead soften your credit and look at other risk factors before approving you.  Chances are you’ll be golden if you have a good credit score or at least some date. Here’s what to do with your account:

  • Monthly Fee: None.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: No monthly fees and the chance to earn 0.10% per annum on your balance

9. PNC

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The PNC Foundation offers a checking account, which is offered to people who have had difficulty qualifying for a traditional checking account in the past. To open an account, the bank encourages you to open one of its virtual wallet accounts first. If you are not eligible, contact the bank directly or visit one of its branches to see if you are eligible for a Foundation Checking Account.

  • Monthly service charge: $ 5
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25 minimum opening deposit
  • Minimum balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: $ 0 overdraft and item return fee PNCP is available for digital payments.

10. Chime

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Top 15 Banks Without Chexsystems 22

A chime is the only online option that offers services provided by The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank. It provides users with a solid mobile app and an attached debit card for withdrawals and purchases. The best part for consumers who are worried about their credit is that Chime does not run credit checks or ChexSystems reports.

  • Monthly Fee: $ 0
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: Offers direct deposit for your paychecks. Receive salary up to two days in advance.

11. Varo Bank

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Top 15 Banks Without Chexsystems 23

Varo Bank is a free online bank that is willing to work with customers with bad credit. The bank does not look at ChexSystems reports nor does it run your credit report to determine if you are trustworthy, which ensures that you are clear enough to open a checking account. The details are:

  • Monthly Fee: None.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: Receive paychecks by direct deposit. Get paid up to two days in advance.

12. San Diego County Credit Union

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According to SDCCU, you cannot be excluded from opening an account even if you have a bounced check or bad credit history. To be eligible, you will need to live or work in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County. There are three checking accounts available:

  • Monthly Fees: None, $ 5 or $ 15, which can be waived with a minimum account balance or by receiving a direct deposit.
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25 to $ 5,000, depending on the account.
  • Minimum balance: None, unless you want to avoid the monthly fee
  • What else do you need to know: Cashback rewards when you pay with the included debit card

13. Credit Union One

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Based in Michigan, Credit Union One allows you to open a bank account without a credit check. The basic checking account is designed to help users stand on their own two feet. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Monthly fee: $ 15, or $ 10 when you receive direct deposits.
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else do you need to know: Platinum debit card included. One point for every $ 3 spent, is compensated for travel, cash, gift cards, and merchandise

14. US Bank

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Top 15 Banks Without Chexsystems 24

If you have had problems with ChexSystems in the past, the US Bank Safe Debit account is a check-free account option. A bank spokesman said it does not use ChexSystems to approve or reject a safe debit account. You may not have as much functionality as you would in other checking account types, but you will at least have the opportunity to change your account history for the better. In addition, you will be able to track your progress with access to a free credit score for secure debit account holders.

  • Monthly fee: 9 4.95
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25
  • Minimum balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: Visa comes with a debit card. There is no overdraft fee

15. SoFi

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SoFi Money Cash Management Account ChexSystems is a great way to stay away from the radar. You’ll even earn 0.25% APY on balances over $ 500. Although SoFi is not a bank, you can be sure that FDIC will be insured when your money reaches SoFi’s partner banks.

Here’s what you can expect from this online option:

  • Monthly Fee: None.
  • Minimum plus: None.
  • Minimum Balance: None.
  • What else you need to know: There is no ATM fee on more than 55,000 all-point cash machines.

What is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems is a reporting agency that collects all data from banks and credit unions on consumer testing and savings accounting activities. The agency uses this information to create consumer reports that financial institutions can use to screen potential customers for their credit eligibility information. It works on the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

How does ChexSystems work?

ChexSystems uses your financial information to help you prepare both a credit report and a risk score. These reports help traditional banks and non-ChexSystems banks determine if they want to do business with you.

What are ChexSystems scores?

ChexSystems assigns users a risk score between 100 and 899. The lower your risk score, the higher the risk you will face as a potential banking customer, so your score should be higher.

There is no set score for ranking good, bad, or mediocre. This is because ChexSystems does not release its internal metric information to the public to calculate the risk score.

The ChexSystems report includes unpaid fees, overdrafts, suspected fraudulent activity, unpaid negative balances, and all public records about your checking account. ChexSystems reports negative items for five years. Under federal law, consumer information is entitled to a free ChexSystems report every year.

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